Not So Great Reviews for Boomerang

Hey, not everyone likes Wodehouse (crazy, I know) so why in the world would I expect everyone to like my stuff? Nice to know the favorables outnumber the Not Quite Favorables by a considerable margin, but there you go. I have resisted all temptation to add smarty pants comments to these Not So Great Reviews.

This reviewer actually gave Boomerang four stars out of five. I believe I will need to establish a "middling" category for reviews as it was a tough choice as to whether to put this in the Great or Not So Great section. All in all I rather like the fact that Dear Reader Cici has pointed out that other Dear Readers will want to pay
attention. I wrote Boomerang to be fun, not necessarily to be simple.

4.0 out of 5 stars Modern Keystone KopsMay 22, 2012
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This review is from: Boomerang (Kindle Edition)
A sardonic parody of spy adventures, that isn't predictable at all. There are so many twists and turns in this story that it is almost impossible to predict the author's next move, leading to the conclusion with with a Keystone Kops type scene. You will want to pay attention to the characters as they are introduced, because you never know when or where they will show up again, and what their role in this story actually will become.

Enjoyable, but a bit tedious in details at times. Maybe the mind numbing details were intended to be red herrings to divert the reader's attention so the next twist is even a larger surprise. I found myself having to re-read things, in order to keep up. I think most people will find this entertaining, but keep your focus, or you will be lost!
3.0 out of 5 stars 50/50, 19 Jan 2011
This review is from: Boomerang (Kindle Edition)
A bit hit and miss this one. There are some amusing parts to it and some of the characters were entertaining. The basic premise of chasing a boomerang with a hidden compartment round Phoenix had potential. The two big downsides for me was firstly that there were just too many characters and secondly it was not always apparent what some of the characters were involved for. The slapstick side is good enough but it needs to be better anchored to a more coherent plot line and some rationale for why the characters were chasing the boomerang. A light read and as long as you only paid a £1 or so to download at most you should not feel too dissatisfied.

3.0 out of 5 stars MacGuffin!, 2 Aug 2011
This review is from: Boomerang (Kindle Edition)
This is a classic MacGuffin chase. The MacGuffin in this novel is a boomerang, but that's not really that important except to extend part of the action into Australia.

The author has a nice turn of phrase and that makes this an enjoyable and occasionally amusing read. I didn't have laugh out loud moments, but rather the occasional wry smile. I particularly enjoyed the silent interaction between Ted and the Hummer driver.

What I felt let the novel down, despite being so nicely written, was the cast of deeply unpleasant characters. There was no-one, really, to like. No-one in whose fate I had any investment at all. It seemed to be a panoply of caricature losers and villains. It wasn't that there were too many characters, I could cope with that aspect. Rather, it was the suspicion that all these characters were just MacGuffins as well.

The resolution of the caper seemed rather disappointing and did not reveal to the reader any more than they knew at the start. The long set up of the open LeBaron and imminent storm was wasted. Leslie's fate was unclear. What happened?

The culmination in a happy-clappy church service with cutesy moments really didn't work for me on any level.

Flawed, but amusing and worth the time to read it. It should be made into a cartoon!

Kell rated it 2 of 5 stars
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It took me quite a while to get through this novel, largely because I had to keep going back and re-reading sections in an attempt to make more sense of what was happening. It jumps around a lot, from continent to continent, and from character to character, never really giving a good grounding with any one person or place, so there’s no real depth. It doesn’t quite seem to know what it wants to be – does it want to be comedy or serious? It veers between the two without anchoring on either – not quite funny enough to be a comedy, but not quite serious enough to be otherwise.

With all the jumping around, I quite literally lost the plot, and I found having so many characters (none of whom were employed to their full potential, or given enough oomph and personality to grab me fully) rather jarring. It’s a shame, because I think the story had a lot of potential – it just wasn’t given a chance to really shine.

Krusher Basta
I think the storyline was too light and that there were too many characters. As a result the book never caught my interest. The entire story was that this group of unrelated characters was trying to get their hands on a boomerang which contained hidden objects; some were aware of these objects others were just interested in the money they understood it would draw. That is it, nothing more to it. I will not spoil the story by saying what these objects are, but to be honest it doesn’t really add anything to the storyline either. We learn that some of the characters lives are actually related through complete and sheer coincidence, again not really adding anything.

I feel bad giving this a bad review; it is a better book than I could ever write. But I think the author put in too much quirkiness in and not enough substance or texture as he himself alluded to.